Listed below are the 2019-2020 committee chairs that work to support our school and community. Volunteers are always appreciated.  Please reach out to these chairs with your ideas or your volunteer interests!

Executive Committee

Mari Jo Clark:

Kerry Burki:

Vice President
Noël Wallace:

Linda Sredzinski:

High School Social Coordinator
Liz Mathis:

Middle School Social Chair
Shelley Holland:

Lunch Program Chair
Charla Lenz:

Hospitality Chair
Lily Tirone:


Committee Chairs

Passive Revenue Generation Coordinator
Traci Trigueros:

SCRIP Coordinator
Matt Stein:

Snowstorm Fundraising Chair
Laura Cross:

Falcon Club
Kelly Nunez:

Falcon Flyer
Liz Mathis:

Senior Oversight Committee
Ginny Cardenas and Meg Seoane: