Veritas Prep Social Attire (Casual, Semi-Formal Optional)


  1. Hair should be trimmed appropriately. Clean-shaven.
  2. No dyed hair or earrings.
  3. Button-down collared shirt or polo shirt, khakis or slacks, socks. Tie and dress jacket/blazer optional.
  4. Shoes are required, no flip-flops.
  5. No jeans.
  6. Shirts must be buttoned and tucked in.


  1. Casual or semi-formal dresses (with at least one shoulder strap with hem approaching the knee) or dressier pants/skirts. No visible midriffs or cutouts allowed.
  2. Neckline (armpit to armpit) must be no lower than four finger widths below the collarbone. The back of the dress cannot fall below the traditional bra line. No visible undergarments. Sheer material may not replace the opaque fabric to meet these requirements.
  3. Shoes are required, no flip-flops. No dyed hair or hats.
  4. Scarves and shawls are allowed, but only if they are not necessary for the dress/top to meet the dress code. No temporary alterations (e.g. pins.)

All students in attendance are expected to honor the intended spirit of the dress code. Ladies should direct any questions to Mrs. Weiland, and gentlemen should inquire of Mr. Sifert. Students who arrive to the dance inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to enter.