Semester Conferences

October conferences are held the first three days back from fall break. These mandatory conferences offer parents and teachers the opportunity to build a partnership early in the year, and they give students the chance to reflect upon what they need to improve to continue to grow academically in the year ahead.

For middle school, parents will meet with their child’s teachers. Your child may attend, if you choose. If attending, students are required to be in uniform for their conferences. Following conferences, students will receive growth plans from their homeroom teachers. Students will work on these plans in collaboration with parents, using the feedback received from the evaluation and the conferences to set goals.

For high school, students attend conferences with their parents. In 9th – 10th grade, students reflect on their performance in the first quarter and consider goals for the rest of the year in preparation for conferences. The conferences are led by the student’s team of teachers, guiding the student through a discussion of the first quarter and of the goals they will set. All sophomores and freshmen are required to be in uniform for their conferences.

Juniors and Seniors lead their conferences, explaining the areas they wish to grow in and identifying the strengths they will build upon moving into the second quarter. All Juniors and Seniors are required to wear their uniforms or business professional attire to their conferences.

The partnership between teachers and parents is essential for the success of students, which is why conferences are held early in the year, providing parents important information about their child’s academic performance prior to the start of the second quarter. We encourage parents to use the information from evaluations and conferences to assist students in developing academic growth plans and goals.